Programme – Lighting Fixture Design 2018
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20-21 June 2018 | Cavendish Conference Centre | London



Exclusive presentations by keynote speakers, interactive sessions,live interviews and a networking drinks reception.

Who Attends?

We have welcomed attendees from major organisations to our conferences, including Aurora, Osram, Harvard, Eldoled, Holophane, Philips, Wila, Zumtobel, Whitecroft and many more..
  • Wednesday 20 June 2018
    • 9:50 am


    • 10:00 am

      Keynote: Modular luminaires and the circular economy

      Speakers: Ourania Georgoutsakou of LightingEurope
      The EU is committed to a ‘circular economy’ strategy which is set to impact product design and address its entire life cycle. For the lighting industry this may well mean moving to a modular approach to luminaires.
    • 10:10 am

      Session 1: EMERGING MARKETS

    • 10:30 am

      How lighting is driving IoT

      Speakers: Dr Christoph Peitz of Osram
      Dr Christoph Peitz of Osram joins us to discuss Lightelligence. An open IoT platform and ecosystem in the lighting business and beyond that simplifies the development of IoT software and unlocks the full potential of new business models. It provides you with a full stack turn key IoT solution that
    • 11:00 am

      How to create products for human-centric lighting

      Speakers: Dieter Lang of Ledvance
      Clients are starting to ask about so-called ‘human-centric’ or ‘circadian’ lighting. But how do we start to translate the science into products that deliver real benefits to building occupants?
    • 11:30 am


    • 11:45 am

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 12:15 pm

      Li-Fi your luminaire

      Speakers: Nikola Serafimovski of pureLIFI
      Whether delivering secure, high-bandwidth internet to office workers or marketing messages to shoppers’ smart phones, Li-Fi and visible light communication are starting to gain market traction.
    • 12:45 pm

      Continuous disinfection with visible light: The possibilities

      Speakers: Michelle Maclean of Strathclyde University
      Big players including Kenall Lighting and Hubbell have announced moves into the continuous disinfection market. With exciting applications which allow disinfection using non-UV wavelengths, this is set to be a major growth market. Michelle Maclean of the University of Strathclyde joins us to look at how the new technology works
    • 1:15 pm


      Speakers: Dr Kahn of Crystal IS
      Dr Kahn of Crystal IS joins us to talk about UVC and the disinfection in a variety of applications, including healthcare, industrial and point-of-use (POU) water purification
    • 1:45 pm


    • 2:00 pm

      Lunch, networking and exhibition

    • 2:50 pm


    • 3:00 pm

      Nailing visual comfort

      Speakers: Gareth Jones of Lux-TSI
      LEDs have brought numerous benefits – but also, in some cases, the return of glare and flicker. Here our speaker outlines the key techniques in managing the output to get a good UGR.
    • 3:30 pm

      How to design to get great TM30 metrics

      Speakers: Peter Raynham of University College London
      TM30 looks set to replace the colour rendering index (CRI) method of measuring the ability of LEDs to illuminate colours accurately. This session looks at the implications for manufacturers.
    • 4:00 pm


    • 4:15 pm

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 4:20 pm


      We curate a showcase of the most cutting-edge developments in optics
    • 4:45 pm

      Turning Downlights on their Heads: A Semi-Revolutionary Concept for Recessed Can Lighting

      Speakers: Wilson Dau of QuarkStar
      The QuarkStar virtual filament is a revolutionary lighting optic that creates new classes of fixtures, shaping and controlling light in radically new ways. One example, introduced at Light+Building 2018: recessed ‘downlights’ that also offer up-light, side-light, and dynamically shaped distributions. ​
    • 5:05 pm

      Emerging Tech: Beam shaping lens by LensVector

      Speakers: David Kriebel of Lens Vector
      Potentially the biggest thing to hit display lighting since the 50W dichroic lamp, LensVector’s solid-state liquid crystal lens can change beam angles from five to 60 degrees.
    • 5:25 pm

      Emerging Tech: Arcane light engine by Eulum

      Speakers: Richard Hall of Eulum Design
      Eulum has packaged two of the hottest technologies at Light + Building – the LensVector beam shaping lens and the Casambi Bluetooth interface – into one elegant unit. Perfect for OEMs who want to tick all the right boxes and get to market fast.
    • 5:45 pm

      Networking drinks reception

      A special networking party to unwind and discuss the issues raised during the day’s presentations with the expert speakers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • Thursday 21 June 2018
    • 8:50 am

      Opening remarks from the chairman

    • 10:00 am

      Emergency lighting conversions in 21st century luminaires

      Speakers: Alan Daniels of Luxbox
      LED luminaires are shrinking. What are the implications for accommodating emergency lighting equipment? And how can the standards continue to be met?
    • 10:45 am

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 11:15 am

      Product liability post-Grenfell

      Speakers: Roger Flaxman of Flaxman Partners
      From fires to falling street lights, where there’s blame there’s a claim. So how you protect yourself? And what does best practice look like? Our lawyer shows you how to prepare for the worst.
    • 11:45 am

      How to crack the booming horticulture market

      Speakers: Edwin Van Der Zwart of Luminus Devices
      The tunable nature of LED technology is proving a game changer in the booming horticulture sector and growers are starting to appreciate the value proposition in terms of yield and payback.
    • 11:50 am


    • 12:15 pm

      How to read the emerging technological landscape

      Speakers: Michal Hobot of Silvair
      Zigbee, Thread, NB-IoT, Bluetooth, PoE…our expert speaker explores the rapidly-changing protocols and standards landscape from a lighting-industry point of view.
    • 12:45 pm


    • 12:55 pm

      Networking lunch, exhibition and networking

    • 1:45 pm

      Bluetooth Mesh: A category killer?

      Speakers: Jeremy Ludyjan LC of of Bluetooth SIG and Fulham Co Inc
      The new Bluetooth Mesh protocol has the power to transform lighting control, says its proponents. But is it really the category killer for wireless lighting control?
    • 2:15 pm

      Is Dali dead?

      Speakers: Miguel Aguado of Lutron
      A shake-out in the standards landscape is inevitable, many industry observers believe. But who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Will open source trump proprietary?
    • 2:45 pm

      Bringing intelligence to light: how to provide sensor data for lighting networks

      Speakers: Matthias Kassner of EnOcean
      Wireless lighting networks are uniquely positioned to serve as IoT network backbone in buildings. They can transport data from a variety of sensors to make buildings smarter, safer and more comfortable. Energy harvesting sensors can provide this data quickly, conveniently and without the need for maintenance.
    • 3:30 pm

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 3:35 pm

      Session 6: DISRUPTED DESIGN

    • 4:00 pm

      How to build better BIM

      Speakers: Antony Fuller of Anguleris Technologies
      Building Information Modelling files are your route into a specification – but too many lighting manufacturers are getting it wrong. Here former architect Benjamin Glunz shows you how to deliver unique brand specifications, accurate illumination and photometric calculations and great visualisations.
    • 4:30 pm

      Panel discussion: How to create luminaires with unbreakable specs

      Speakers: Dr Christoph Peitz of Osram, Jeremy Ludyjan LC of of Bluetooth SIG and Fulham Co Inc, Richard Hall of Eulum Design
      How can lighting manufacturers differentiate their products when many are buying components from the same suppliers? How can light fittings maintain the spec through value engineering? Where will the margins be in the future? Our panel thrashes out the issues.
    • 5:00 pm

      Closing remarks from the chairman