Programme – Lighting Fixture Design 2017
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21-22 February 2017 | Cavendish Conference Centre | London



Exclusive presentations by keynote speakers, interactive sessions,live interviews and a networking drinks reception.

Who Attends?

We have welcomed attendees from major organisations to our conferences, including Aurora, Osram, Harvard, Eldoled, Holophane, Philips, Wila, Zumtobel, Whitecroft and many more..
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  • Tuesday 21 February 2017
    • 10:00 am

      Registration, exhibition and coffee

    • 10:30 am


    • 10:40 am

      Designing of luminaires for the circular economy

      Speakers: Nigel Harvey of Recolight
      Nigel Harvey, CEO of the lighting industry lamp-to-luminaire WEEE compliance scheme Recolight, explains the circular economy and explores how light fitting designers can help by considering end-of-life recycling at the very start. He looks at commercial and legislative drivers and outline the new Cenelec standards being developed on durability, upgradeability, repairability, recyclability and ability to access components.
    • 10:55 am

      Session 1: EMERGING MARKETS

    • 11:00 am

      How to create products for human-centric lighting

      Speakers: Elliet Jones of Helvar, Graham Dean of Helvar
      Clients are starting to ask about so-called ‘human-centric’ or ‘circadian’ lighting. But how do we start to translate the science into products that deliver real benefits to building occupants?
    • 11:30 am

      How LEDs are revolutionising horticulture and agriculture

      Speakers: John Matcham of Fischer Farms
      LEDs are proving a game changer in the booming horticulture and agriculture sectors. For poultry and livestock, LEDs can deliver fast weight gain, lower feed consumption, rapid maturity and longer reproductive lives, while in horticulture, tunable LEDs can have a dramatic effect on yield and payback
    • 12:15 pm

      Ultra violet light: A world of possibilities

      Speakers: Paul Jackson of UV Light Technology
      UV Light can be used for a wide spectrum of applications from curing to disinfection.  There is hardly an aspect of daily life where it doesn’t contribute in some way to make our lives more comfortable, secure, healthier and even fun.  This is a high growth technology with UV LED’s
    • 12:45 pm


    • 1:00 pm

      Networking lunch

    • 2:00 pm

      Lighting a smart city

      Speakers: Eddie Henry of Light for Life Associates, Gordon Routledge of Lux, Mark Cooper of Smart City Advice
      From Dubai to Taipei, cities around the world are queuing up to become a Smart City – and lighting is set to provide the backbone of the connected network. In this panel discussion our experts explore how manufacturers can maximise the opportunities.
    • 2:25 pm


    • 2:30 pm

      Thermoplastic diffusers: How to stay compliant

      Speakers: David Mudd of Lux-TSI
      With the massive shift in recent years from louvres to thermoplastic diffusers, has the issue of fire safety taken a back seat?  Does the replacement of fire-rated luminaires with standard luminaires with TP(a) diffusers creating a risk? What role does the luminaire play in a fire-rated ceiling? And what constitutes a properly fire-rated luminaire and what?
    • 3:00 pm

      How to differentiate with the latest optics

      Speakers: Simon Aldred of Ledil
      A quiet revolution in optical technology is opening up new possibilities for luminaires in terms of applications, specifications and efficiencies. Our speaker looks at the options.
    • 3:20 pm


    • 3:30 pm

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 4:00 pm

      How to deal with short product cycles

      Speakers: Brian Price of Aston University
      Now the lighting sector is an electronic industry, we have to deal much shorted product cycles than we are used to. Here Brian Price of Aston University explores the learnings from other industries.
    • 4:25 pm

      Nailing glare and visual comfort

      Speakers: Richard Hayes of 42 Partners
      LEDs have brought numerous benefits – but also, in some cases, the return of glare. Here our speaker outlines the key techniques in managing the output to get a good UGR.
    • 4:50 pm

      Addressing flicker

      Speakers: Prof Arnold Wilkins of University of Essex
      The problem of flicker has returned as a by-product of LED lighting. Here we outline some techniques you need to know to eliminate it in your luminaires. Our expert speaker will also look at the topic of flicker and the spatial repetitiveness inherent in the louvres used in many luminaries.
    • 5:20 pm

      How to design to get great TM30 metrics

      Speakers: David Mudd of Lux-TSI
      TM30 looks set to replace the colour rendering index (CRI) method of measuring the ability of LEDs to illuminate colours accurately. This session looks at the implications for manufacturers.
    • 5:50 pm


    • 6:05 pm

      Networking drinks reception

      A special networking party to unwind and discuss the issues raised during the day’s presentations with the expert speakers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • Wednesday 22 February 2017
    • 8:55 am


    • 9:00 am

      How to read the emerging technological landscape

      Speakers: Simon Slupik of Silvair
      Thread, BLE, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave…our expert speaker explores the rapidly-changing protocols and standards landscape from a lighting-industry point of view.
    • 9:30 am

      Indoor positioning in retail: Making it happen

      Speakers: Benjamin Brudnjak of Osram
      Shopping can cause serious frustration – how to find an item in a 30 football pitch sized shopping centre only to discover your size is sold out.  Your phone or wearable can now help; even to send special offers for you.  High street stores are set to be the first
    • 10:00 am

      Software security standards for lighting systems

      Speakers: Gareth Jones of Lux-TSI
      A suite of standards for cyber security is emerging and gaining currency in industry. Our expert will explore the landscape, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ETSI TC CYBER.
    • 10:30 am


    • 10:45 am

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 11:15 am

      Connected Lighting: The challenge

      Speakers: Gordon Routledge of Lux
      Gordon Routledge, co-founder, of Lux, outlines the implications facing the lighting industry with the adoption of intelligent digital lighting. Can we meet the challenge?
    • 11:45 am

      Power over Ethernet – the future of commercial lighting?

      Speakers: Asela Rodrigo of Prolojik
      Supplying power to luminaires using Ethernet cabling turns the lighting system into an information pathway, enabling building occupants to access other building services.
    • 12:15 pm

      Visible light communications – the opportunities

      Speakers: Nikola Serafimovski of pureLIFI
      Whether delivering secure, high-bandwidth internet to office workers or marketing messages to shoppers’ smart phones, visible light communications is starting to gain market traction.
    • 12:45 pm


    • 1:00 pm

      Networking lunch

    • 2:05 pm

      Putting people first – how applying a product development process to a construction project can create a better space for all

      Speakers: Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design
      Eoin Billings’ work occupies a unique space between architecture and manufacturing.  This unique position opens up critical insights into the development, design, and procurement of our built environment.  Eoin is here to share some of those insights.
    • 2:25 pm

      Session 4: DISRUPTED DESIGN

    • 2:30 pm

      Keynote: How to create luminaires with unbreakable specs

      Speakers: Dean Skira of Skira Lighting
      In our special keynote, one of the most successful luminaire designers of recent times, Dean Skira, – creator of the iGuzzini Trick, Underscore and Lun-Up among others – shares his approach.
    • 3:00 pm

      How to protect yourself in the patent landscape

      Speakers: Henrik Villumsen of Henrik Villumsen Lawfirm
      What steps can you do to minimise a patent dispute? What are the common pitfalls? And if confronted, do you pay or fight? A presentation specifically for lighting manufacturers.
    • 3:30 pm

      Coffee, exhibition and networking

    • 4:00 pm

      Panel discussion: How to deal with disruption – the lessons from history

      Speakers: Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design, Mark Sutton Vane of Sutton Vane Associates, Paul Taylor of Aurora, Stephen Philips of Arup
      What can we learn from the past and from other industries about technological revolutions? Our panel of experts will share their learnings and insights about coping with constant disruption.
    • 5:00 pm

      Closing remarks from the chairman